Ground clicking of evening Great Snipe lek, mystery corking of night Capercaillie and misty bubbling of morning Black Grouse ones...
Free-roaming herds of Horses and bulky Bison, Wolf in a winter wilderness, Moose in a misty marsh, Wildboar wandering over... Clumps of Lady's Slipper Orchids, acres of Hepatica, millions of Marsh Merrigolds. Marshes and forests from mediaeval Europe...
Aquatic Warbler singing and White-backed Woodpecker pecking and Corncrake cracking - all living free and wild in own garden.
Do you like it? We do; and want you to see it too.
Such spots still exist on the European Plain… Not far away, in northeastern Poland. But these magic spots are volatile.
We protect them: for themselves to survive, for ourselves - to live in favourite conditions, for everyone - to learn what has been the original environment of inhabitants of the European Plain for thousands years.
We are saving to show.
We present them: to visitors by organizing tours, to readers by publishing articles and photographs, to audience by giving wildlife lectures and exhibitions, to all the society by making wildlife films. For building the knowledge and responsibility.
We are showing to save.
We have been working on it for a quarter of a century.    tel. +48 862 733 666